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Prayer List.
Prayer List:

Many will stay on our prayer list for a while, while God is doing his work.

Since we may not always see the work he is doing, we will continue to pray

for all listed. Please add or delete names during service or email Pastor Michele.

Cayson Collins * Madge Chissoe

Edith Eckols * Kay Burrough

Ann Shirley & family * Dan Leslie

Owen Everett * Margie O'Dell

Zack Colley * Lisa Powell

Mark Mitchell *Janet Musselman

Genevieve & family

Elizabeth Shiller * Linda Colvin

Jeanine Owens * Kim Straub

Anita Arnet * Connie & Bill Donnelly

Gretchen Wolner * Sharon Rose

Linda Braddock * Hurricane victims

Duane and Marilyn Beals

Dolores Hennig * Katie Marrs

Alexa Wetterman * Sue Impson

Marlene * Will Carson

Joey Trailor * Holly Davis

Raymond Whitaker * BJ Kirschner

Our Church Family, Our Armed Forces, Families who have lost loved ones,
Victims of terrorism, war and natural disasters, All children, Our Nation,
President and all elected officials, the homeless and unemployed, our community,
our enemies, and all who do not know Christ as Savior.

Sunday Sept 3, 2017

Sunday Sept 9, 2017

Sunday Sept 16, 2017