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To share the good news of God's love through worship, fellowship and service
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Confirmation Class

Available on Sundays @ 9:30 AM.

Please contact Pastor Walter Prescher for registration and class schedule.

Pastor Walter Precher may be contacted at:driftwoodumc@gmail.com,

or 512-525-5726

Easter Services

Community Easter Son Rise Service- This service is shared with our neighboring Baptist church. 2016 service will be hosted by the United Methodist at the pavilion across the street from the church.

Traditional Easter Service – Driftwood United Methodist Church conducts a separate 11:00 a.m. Easter Service for those who also desire to attend a Traditional Easter Service. One of the high lights of the Traditional Easter Service is the ‘Living’ Cross which enables worshipers to individually commemorate the resurrection of our Savior and of the impending resurrection of those loved ones who have gone on to God’s Kingdom ahead of us.

Christmas Services

5 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – The Candlelight Service provides an opportunity for those who desire to come together in community to worship God and celebrate the birth of His Son!

7 pm Traditional Driftwood Community Christmas Eve Service – The Driftwood United Methodist Church has for most of its history since 1884 served as the focal point for a community gathering on Christmas Eve.