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Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Celebration – on the Wednesday before the week of Thanksgiving, a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner is served at the 6 PM Wednesday Fellowship Dinner. Roasted turkey is prepared and the rest of the fixings (dressing, gravy, hot rolls, numerous vegetables, salads, deserts, etc.) are prepared as covered dish items by those desiring to participate. All are welcome to come, bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish or dishes, and participate with us in Christian fellowship.

Hanging of the Greens

Hanging of the Greens – The Hanging of the Greens provides the congregation a time to prepare Driftwood United Methodist Church for the season which the Christian Church has celebrated for many years called Advent. Advent is the season of preparing for the birth of Christ. Advent helps us to meditate on the wonder of Christ’s coming. Following the physical preparation of the Church facilities, a worship service is conducted in which we honor Christ’s birth by using songs and symbols reminding us of God’s glory and the incarnation of God’s love in the world. For God loved us so much that Christ was given to the world, so that everyone who believes in the Messiah will not perish, but will have eternal life.

Blessing of the Animals

Driftwood United Methodist Church conducts an Annual Blessing of the Animals Service the second Sunday in October each year. Everything from dogs and cats to hamsters, hedgehogs, and horses have received blessings over the history of the celebration which on occasion has been compared to the procession of animals that entered Noah’s Ark!

Blessings come only from God. So, blessing an animal is bestowing a request that the creature will experience the favor of God. The custom of blessing animals is usually associated with St. Francis of Assisi, and it commemorates St. Francis' advocacy and love for all of God's creatures and creation.

Individuals of all faiths are invited to bring their pets and companion animals (properly restrained) to the pavilion located across the highway from Driftwood United Methodist Church, 15090 RR 150 W, Driftwood, Texas, the second (2nd) Sunday of October at 11:00 a.m. for the "Blessing of the Animals." The worship gathering will offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the animals that God has placed in our lives, and will include music, prayer, the Word, and a sermon delivered by our Pastor, as well as the blessing of the animals.

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